Music For an Arabian Night and Holiday in Beirut

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Music for an Arabian Night
Holiday in Beirut
Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra
Don't miss it! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Ron Goodwin and his orchestra play some genuinely beautiful melodies of the East and they play them nicely. All of them are very melodious. I'm sure you won't regret....

Track Listing:
1. Windows Of The East
2. Bazaar
3. Old Beirut
4. Wedding Dance
5. Return To Paradise
6. Arab Feast
7. Dancing Eyes
8. Come Back To Me
9. Barefoot Girl
10. The Moon & I
11. Desert Hero
12. The Cedars Of Lebanon
13. Sunrise Over The Cedars
14. Sweetie Pie
15. Ba'albeck
16. Bassita!
17. April Is Coming
18. Bashtiki-Boom
19. Journey To Damascus
20. The Grotto Of Jeita
21. Arak And Tabouli
22. Avenue Des Francais
23. Plain Of The Beka'a
24. Farewell To Lebanon

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