Rukoveti ( Song-Wreaths) - Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac

Posted By: MolerX
His most famous pieces are Rukoveti - collections of songs and music based on motives of South Slavic folk music. There are 15 Rukoveti, and the 10th one is considered the most beautiful.
Mokranjac took the beautiful word "Rukovet" from Serbian colloquial speech, to suggest the idea of a bouquet (a literal translation of rukovet), and of wild flowers with their vivid colors and scents. He gave this name to his compositions consisting of equally rich bouquets of beautiful and fresh folk songs. Thus, this word became a musical term designating a collection, or rhapsody of folk songs, arranged by a composer and linked together into a harmonious entity. (The term "song-wreath" was adopted in the English version as most appropriate.)
His other prominent folk-based works include Coastal songs (Primorski napevi), and Kozar.
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Beautiful music, you don't need to understand words to feel passion and joy!
10th rukovet is very nice indeed but my favorite ones are "2nd, 7th and 8th rukovet"! Some of these are a part of American classical concert repertoire. If you find this interesting I can post some of his religous music too.