Ry Cooder - Last Man Standing - OST

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Ry Cooder - Last Man Standing - OST

Ry Cooder - Last Man Standing OST (1996)
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Ok, I am going to talk to those of you who have seen the movie. Did you like the background music in the movie, and thought to yourself: "Wow, that music is wonderful, I have to have it."

That was my reaction. I chased all over town trying to locate a copy of the OST. It is the only music CD I have ever paid full price for. For my tastes most of the tracks need the film to make them pallatable. But, the opening theme and the end credits tracks (tracks 1 and 25) make the CD well worth having acquired. Tracks 3, 10, 12, 24 and 26 are pleasant bonuses.
It's one of my all time favorite albums.


1 Last Man Standing
2 Wanda
3 Jericho Blues
4 Mexican Highjack
5 Just Between You and Me
6 Hickey's Back
7 Gorgio Leaves Town
8 Felina
9 We're Quits/This Is Hickey
10 Church/Ranger Tom Pickett
11 Five Mile Road
12 Jericho Two-Step
13 Smoke Bath/Girl Upstairs?
14 Felina Drives
15 Gotta Get Her Back
16 Lucy's Ear
17 Bathtub
18 Where's the Girl?
19 Find Him
20 Icebox/Drive to Slim's/Slim's on Fire
21 Hideout
22 This Town Is Finished
23 Sunrise
24 I Don't Want to Die in Texas
25 Somewhere in the Desert [Ent Title]
26 Sanctuary