Sal Barbieri & The Royal Company

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Sal Barbieri & The Royal Company

Sal Barbieri & The Royal Company
mp3 192 kbps | 32:30 min | 46 MB
LP rip year 1981 | genre disco

Ripped with a Sansui turntable, cartridge Shure M55E, recorded with Sony Sound Forge, denoised with Sonic Foundry NR, declicked with ClickRepair, compressed with Lame at 192 kbps, stereo HQ

Sal Barbieri : Keyboards
Vocals : Sal Barbieri, Carolyn Mitchell, Vanesee Thomas, Brenda Hill
Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Ronnie James
Bass Guitar: Vince Fay, Robert Lewcun
Drums: Grant Mc Avoy, Garfield Williams
Flute: Jack Faith
Strings: Don Rinaldo
Horns: Jeff Lego, Evan Solot, Robin Eubanks
Sax: Michael Pedicin Jr, William Zaccagni, Joe Studler
Congas: Larry Washington
Bongos: Gene Leone
Clarinet: Jim Bannach

Mercury 0006 187 Industria Argentina 1981

01] Feeling Good
02] I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
03] One More Try
04] Let's Get Funky
05] Heavy Stuff