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Sandy Mouche - ...And Poems For The Unborn (2006)

Posted By: jeffero
Sandy Mouche - ...And Poems For The Unborn (2006)

Sandy Mouche - …And Poems For The Unborn (2006)
MP3 VBR 210 kbps avg. | Time: 48'52'' | 72 MB RAR
Indie, Pop

Sandy Mouche is a Swedish band from Lund, Skane County, southern Sweden. It consists of songwriter- and singer couple Martinique and Helena Josefsson, and the brothers Per (drums) and Ola (guitar) Blomgren. On live shows they bring a bassist and a pianist. They sing in English and French.

Sandy Mouche "…and poems for the unborn" is the last treasure of the band, financed by the band itself, distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia and Junk Music. Recorded and mixed in 10 early summer days with a collection of songs that believe in the ability of the listener. That you feel like coming into their world where it's okay to be insecure or kind. An opportunity to step out of the pup and be reborn into the person you were meant to be. The last album is more diverse than the debut. The songwriters have written separately. We can find disco ("Baby Can't Stop"), a mixture of Joanna Newsom and ABBA ("Fairies & Elves"), cheerful pop ("Une Histoire"), a blend of children's music and Benjamin Britten ("Laisse les anges te protéger"). Sprinkled with a little soul and jazz.



01. Une Histoire
02. In The Sand
03. Spiderweb Suit
04. Fat
05. Fish Tale
06. Baby's Can't Stop
07. Laisse Les Anges Te Protéger
08. Le Mistral
09. Chimney Hole
10. Evening Wake Morning Flake
11. Fairies And Elves
12. Angel On The Ground
13. Chery Pie
14. Papillon

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