Sara Connor - Green Eyed Soul - 2002 (R&B)

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Девушка поет чрезвычайно легко и приятно. Правда, это R&B...

R&B, Club/Dance, Contemporary | 192 kbs | no pass

German pop singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Connor grew up listening to soul music, mostly influenced by her grandfather who was born in New Orleans. A church chorus became her first experience in the gospel music field at a very young age. After participating in different musicals while still attending middle school, Sarah Connor started sending demos to different record labels. The opportunity to achieve her goal came when rhythm & blues and urban producer TQ answered to one of them. In 2001, their catchy debut single, "Let's Get Back to Bed...Boys," became a chart-topping song in Germany. The powerful ballad "From Sarah With Love" followed in 2002. Both songs were featured on her debut album Green Eyed Soul. A sophomore effort Unbelievable was released in several months' time, however it was only available to European fans. American pop music fans got their chance to hear Connor's work when she released her self-titled album, which was a collection of her previous issued overseas work, in spring 2004. Connor released the Europe-only Key to My Soul that same year, and Naughty but Nice followed in 2005 for both Germany and the US.

CD (Epic/X-Cell/504 961 6) 26.11.2001
1. Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! 3:56
2. If U Were My Man 3:38
3. French Kissing 3:35
4. Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4) 4:29
5. From Sarah With Love 5:08
6. Make U High 3:33
7. In My House 3:13
8. Where Do We Go From Here 3:55
9. I Can't Lie 3:42
10. Imagining 5:23
11. Every Little Thing 3:37
12. Undressed 3:38
13. Can't Get None 3:58
14. Man Of My Dreams 3:11
15. Let Us Come 2gether 3:53
16. When I Dream 3:29
17. Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Let's Get Back To Bed - Boy! (Gena B. Good-Remix) 3:56