Feist: Open Season (2006)

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Feist: Open Season (2006)

Feist: Open Season (2006)
Rapidshare | MP3 192 kbps | 88MB | Year: 2006 | Genre: Folk

Feist's diverse musical talents have taken her on many paths, from band member (Broken Social Scene, By Divine Right) to guest performer (Peaches, Jane Birken) to respected solo artist. Whatever the project, there has never been a question that the Toronto musician is heavily respected by her peers. When the call went out to remix Feist's work, her respected contemporaries were quick to come on board. Such is the basis of Open Season, a collection of remixes and rarities from Feist's heavily-acclaimed 2004 release Let It Die.

Track listing
1. One Evening
2. Inside+Out
3. Mushaboom
4. Gatekeeper
5. Lonely Lonely
6. Mushaboom
7. Snow Lion
8. Tout Doucement
9. The Simple Story
10. Lovertits
11. Mushaboom
12. Gatekeeper
13. One Evening
14. When I Was A Young Girl
15. Mushaboom


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