Scott Fields & Multiple Joyce Orchestra ‎– Moersbow / OZZO (2011)

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Scott Fields & Multiple Joyce Orchestra ‎– Moersbow / OZZO (2011)

Scott Fields & Multiple Joyce Orchestra ‎– Moersbow / OZZO (2011)
Avant-Garde, Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Electronic | Clean Feed | 2011 | 75:10 | EAC (FLAC, cue, log) | Scans | Various File Hosts | 405 MB
Multiple Joyce Orchestra, Scott Fields (conductor)

…the large ensemble music of guitarist/composer Scott Fields (b. 1956) on Moersbow/OZZO expresses a more traditional, not to say conservative, contemporary classical demeanor. ...In “Moersbow,’” a tribute to the Japanese noise band Merzbow ironically intended to be “as quiet as the musicians can manage,” the sotto voce drones, glimmering and hovering pitched and unpitched tones dissolve into serpentine lines only to end without resolution. ...Throughout the four-part ”OZZO,” perhaps due to Fields’ modular formats or the nature of the material presented to the players, the effect is of sound masses in motion, congealed from isolated lines. ...The degree of composed to improvised music is uncertain, but the effect is of a process discovering its own form and concluding as a durable entity.
Art Lange, Point of Departure

The history behind the names of these two pieces for improvising chamber group is too difficult to synthesize here; check the liners or google around, also to learn about the various evolutions of the very orchestra’s appellative. What’s transparent is that the opening period is dedicated to Masami Akita (aka Merzbow), though Fields and his companions decided to approach the task with the sagacious expertise of a qualified ensemble paying homage to a time-honored composer rather than a Japanese noise merchant. The outcome is a superb paradigm of how to carry out a joint improvisation, the timbres so consistently interconnected in different permutations and dynamics that giving privileges to “lead” designs and distinct ideas becomes a pointless exercise. Our friendly advice is to relinquish a bit of focus and abandoning yourselves to a compelling stream of beautifully emitted music, nurturing one’s yearning for density in a collective statement without losing grip on the poetic aspects of the diverse instrumental idioms. The first, and a sizeable chunk of the fourth movement of “Ozzo” are plain wonders, replete with fine games of call and response, tactful probing of quietness and recurring parallelisms between assorted groups (sax, accordion and strings in particular evidence, with Thomas Lehn’s synthesizer adding pinches of analogue salt and the flutists inserting small enigmas throughout). The rest is more directly reminiscent of the conductor’s style both in terms of composition and as a guitarist: minuscule cells and dissonant quirks succeed and involve, the interest maintained by the extreme unsettledness generated by the palette’s variety. With musicians of the caliber of Frank Gratkowski, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Melvyn Poore, Angelika Sheridan and Georg Wissel among the many – everybody deserving a “well done” – this live recording (Cologne’s Loft, January 2009) is as impeccable as a pre-planned studio session.

This is challenging music of an avant sort. It combines textured soundscapes, collective soloing and worked-out sequences that have a post-Braxtonian edginess at times. No single instrumentalist is meant to dominate the proceedings. Instead a great variety of instrumental combinations come in and out of play more or less continuously. It’s a fascinating, successful, large-scale new music recital where the jazz and open elements combine and create a sonically rich result.
Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review

Track Listing:

1. Moersbow 13:54
2. Ozzo 1 31:05
3. Ozzo 2 6:38
4. Ozzo 3 8:17
5. Ozzo 4 15:17

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Scott Fields / Moersbow / OZZO

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