The Shadows - 20 Golden Greats (1977)

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The Shadows - 20 Golden Greats (1977)
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Apache, Mystery Man, Kon-Tiki or Foot Tapper will be familiar to some here who has been around long enough to remember Cliff Richard and rock n roll in the sixties

Not Elvis and certainly not The Beatles, but The Shadows and The Ventures. Like many lead guitar players of those days, listening to both these bands spurred me to learn the guitar very early in my life. Thanks to our friend gandallon, I couldn't resist posting this in response to his wonderful share of The Ventures music a few days back.

Originally Cliff Richard's backing band, the British quartet the Shadows began recording on their own in 1960 and had a major hit with the instrumental "Apache." They were built around guitarists Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, with an ever-changing rhythm section (Terry "Jet" Harris and Tony Meehan, the original bassist and drummer, were the most famous, and went on to success on their own in the early '60s); originally dubbed "the Drifters," they adopted their more famous moniker during their first tour with Richard to avoid confusion with the popular American R&B group of the same name. Often erroneously thought of as England's answer to the Ventures, the Shadows' sound was polished, crisp, clean, and metallic, making up for its inherent sterility and lack of soul thanks to a knack for drawing out melodies in their most haunting form; their biggest hit was "Apache," but they also scored with smash singles including 1960's "Man of Mystery" and 1961's "Kon-Tiki." By 1962, both Harris and Meehan had exited, and the remaining duo of Marvin and Welch continued backing Richard in his many film roles, adopting a distinctively exaggerated brand of choreography widely imitated by other guitar-based groups of the era. Subsequent chart-toppers including 1963's "Wonderful Land" and 1963's "Foot Tapper" followed, and although the Shadows were largely lost in the shuffle of the British Invasion they continued backing Richard until 1968, at which time Welch quit. Many more reunions and breakups were to follow in the coming decades, and in one form or another the Shadows continued to record well into the 1990s.

Track List:

01 - Apache
02 - Man Of Mystery
03 - The Frightened City
04 - Guitar Tango
05 - Kon-Tiki
06 - Foot Tapper
07 - Genie With The Light Brown Lamp
08 - The Warlord
09 - A Place In The Sun
10 - Atlantis
11 - Wonderful Land
12 - Fbi
13 - The Savage
14 - Geronimo
15 - Shindig
16 - Stingray
17 - Theme For Young Lovers
18 - The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt
19 - Maroc 7
20 - Dance On
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Greetings gandallon!!