The Shadows - Compact Shadows (1984)

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The Shadows - Compact Shadows (1984)
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A later Shadow compilation, 18 songs including familiars such as If You Leave Me Now, Chariots of Fire, and Sailing

I don't have reviews for this album but here is snip of Eric Clapton's testimonial on Hank Marvin and The Shadows:

My original interests and intentions in guitar playing were primarily centred on quality of tone, for instance: the way the instrument could be made to echo or simulate the human voice. At the time when I was still thrashing around on the acoustic guitar trying to sound like Leadbelly or Jesse Fuller, there was someone who had already achieved this particular goal. That was Hank B. Marvin of the Shadows. He had found, and settled on, a clean, pure sound, which disallowed any kind of hand-fisted playing. Only the lightest touch was permitted. The result was a marvelous mixture of clear, sweet melody over a strong rock beat (and what a great drum sound). On top of all this, he looked like Buddy Holly and played a real Stratocaster! Unbeatable…

My own playing has gone through many changes and a great deal of ups and downs over the years, and therefore it never ceased to amaze me that Hank managed to arrive exactly where he wanted, and then stayed there.

As for the Shadows, all in all they always seemed to me to be the ideal rock band…They have lasted for more than four decades, their music lasts forever. Hats off to Hank and the boys…. -Eric Clapton

Track List:

01 - Equinoxe (Part V)
02 - The Third Man
03 - No Dancing
04 - Memory (From Cats)
05 - Chi Mai
06 - Africa
07 - Thing-Me-Jig
08 - The Theme From Missing
09 - Mozart Forte
10 - If You Leave Me Now
11 - Summer Love
12 - Hello Mr. W.A.M.
13 - Queen Of Hearts
14 - More Than I Can Say
15 - Life In The Jungle
16 - Chariots Of Fire
17 - Sailing
18 - Going Home (Theme From Local Hero)
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Enjoy some more rockabily music from this ever lasting band!

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