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Sir Douglas Quintet - 2 albums

Posted By: wilbest

Sir Douglas Quintet - 2 albums
320 Kbps MP3 / 88.7; 77,1 and 47.1 Mb zip-files / covers included

Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues (1968)

It is hard to believe that this is the first entry in the extensive Sir Douglas Quintet discography, as it seems like the kind of experimental venture an artist might throw out after a handful of successful albums have already been released. The electic nature of bandleader Doug Sahm is undisputed, but this has got to be his album with the most experimental jazz leanings, again not something one would expect. The type of themes that Sahm would return to again and again in his songwriting are here, delivered by a grouping that lacks one of the essential sparkplugs in the Sir Douglas Quintet engine, keyboard man Augie Meyers. There is presumed to be compensation in the form of a total of five horn players, including Bay Area session whiz Mel Martin, but someone decided to record them with enough reverb to submerge a whale. A total of seven songs, none of them really extended enough to account for paucity of titles, get a loping, jamming treatment that gets the message across, although a little vaguely at times. Certainly a promising, original album well above the level of most rock-bands-with-horns experiments of this era, but not as inspiring as this band's music would soon become. (AMG)

Together After Five (1970)

A supreme example of the Doug Sahm sound and aesthetic is at work here in their third complete studio album. There is perhaps the best recorded version of the Augie Meyers "cheap organ" sound, a well from which many a garage rock organist hath drunken deep. And it is great the way this instrument emerges out of arrangements emphasizing stark interplay between acoustic guitar and drums. A real ringer but one of the highlights of the album is the instrumental "T-Bone Shuffle," which rivals the Art Ensemble of Chicago for raucous boogie on the edge of lunacy. The songs include some of Sahm's best lyrics and most heartfelt singing, although he goes a bit overboard at times and threatens to come across like a burn-out overstaying his welcome on an open stage. This and a few strange errors in judgement such as the song "Dallas Alice" – imagine something that sounds too close to "Honey"for comfort and also has a flute solo – are the only things preventing this from being one of the best Sir Douglas Quintet albums.

Song lists:

Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues [*Bonus Tracks]

01 Are Inlaws Really Outlaws?
02 Sell a Song
03 Song of Everything
04 Can You Dig My Vibrations?
05 I'm Glad for Your Sake (But I'm Sorry for Mine)
06 Whole Lotta Peace of Mind
07 You Never Get Too Big and You Sure Don't Get Too Heavy, That You Don't
08 Linda Lou
  • 09 Soulful Woman
  • 10 Too Many Dociled Minds
  • Together After Five [*Bonus Tracks]

    01 Nuevo Laredo
    02 Dallas Alice
    03 T-Bone Shuffle
    04 I Don't Want to Go Home
    05 Son of Bill Baety
    06 Backwood's Girl
    07 Revolutionary Ways
    08 Seguin
    09 If She'd Only Come to Me
    10 Magic Illusion
    11 One Too Many Mornings/Got to Sing a Happy Song
  • 12 Dynamite Woman
  • 13 You're Doin' It Too Hard
  • 14 Spearfish by Night
  • 15 Southside Girls
  • http://rapidshare.de/files/25988717/Sir_Douglas_Quintet___2___Honkey_Blues.zip