Solaris - Nostradamus; Book of Prophecies

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Symphonic Rock | 1999 | cbr320

Solaris - Nostradamus; Book of Prophecies
It was thanks to the people at Progfest that the Hungarian legend Solaris got back together again in '95. Their performance at Progfest was such a feast that the members decided to fully reform Solaris and start the recording of a new studio album. The very Camel-like music with lots of fantastic flute playing got the band raving reviews wherever they went. The band's interest into the "unknown" and "predictions" got them in the neighbourhood of Nostradamus who soon became the subject of their next studio album. Unfortunately this album had to be recorded without founder member guitarist Cziglan Istvan who died in December 1998. His role is sort of rescheduled with a major part reserved for flute player Attila Kollar.

Throughout this album runs a certain theme which rears its ugly head in regular intervals. This theme is predominantly apparent during "Book Of Prophecies," a song that in its 20 minutes contains all possible musical styles, from typical classical to bluesy and even Gregorian (the choir of the state's opera!). In fact Solaris doesn't produce obtrusive music but songs which illustrate the well-considered meaning of the word music, of the meaning of melody, without losing out of sight the very important roots. The strength lies in the melody, which, like a soft breeze, enables the listener to cool down at the right moment of time within the song structure. In the appropriately titled "The Duel," flute and Hammond battle it out in order to reach "The Moment Of Truth" by means of "Wargames." Let's hope most of Nostradamus' predictions will prove to be wrong so that one day we'll be able to witness Solaris live once again!

Label: Periferic (BGCD 025)
Hungary 1999

Bogdán Csaba, guitar;
Erdész Róbert, organ, synths;
Gömör László, drums;
Kisszabó Gábor, bass;
Kollár Attila, flute, vocals;
Pócs Tamás, bass;
Ullmann Zsuzsa, vocals;
Demeter György, vocals;
Gerdesits Ferenc, tenor vocals;
Bátor Tamás, bass vocals;
Varga János, guitar;
Vámos Zsolt, guitar;
Muck Ferenc, saxophone

Review courtesy John "Bo Bo" Bollenberg, February 2000

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