Songs From The Lord Of The Rings

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Songs From The Lord Of The Rings

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Author of music wrote: "Yes! I am one of the few that have set Tolkien's songs from The Lord Of The Rings to music. There are a great many that have written music and songs inspired by the books, (check it out), but only a small number that have used Tolkien's words. Of these, less than a handful have done a decent number of them. If you wish to hear a full realisation of Tolkien's songs the only commercially available version is that of The Tolkien Ensemble. This is because Tolkien's Estate have a blanket ban on anyone else using his words. (see legal issues).

I didn't know this when I wrote the music or perhaps I wouldn't have done it. And I didn't know it until I was half-way through producing this demo, but by then it was too late to stop.

This demo of 19 songs was made purely as a demo, in order to persuade Tolkien's Estate to grant me permission to use Tolkien's words, and also to interest a record company in producing a fully professional recording for the commercial market.

Only a small number were ever made and they were sent to Tolkien's publishers, various record companies, participating musicians, family and friends. None were ever sold, nor are they available for sale.

Somewhere in the first half of 2005 somebody decided to make this demo available on the internet via the Bit Torrent and Gnutella networks. I can't condone this activity but neither can I say that I am unhappy to see these wonderful songs being enjoyed by people as was intended.

If you have heard these songs I would be only too happy to receive any feedback you may wish to provide.

I am aware that synthesizers are not as good as a real orchestra, and that amateur singers are not as good as professionals but one can only work with what one has.

I believe however, that this album stands up despite these shortcomings, and that the beauty, grandeur, tragedy and heroism of Tolkien's masterwork shine through. "


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