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Soul Ballet - Dream Beat Dream [2004]

Posted By: bossos

Soul Ballet [2004] - Dream Beat Dream| MP3 Lame CBR 192 Kbps | CD-DA Source | 51:45 | 100 Mb

The dreamy, sexy music that Soul Ballet offers comes courtesy of Rick Kelly, who imagines Soul Ballet as a conceptual process. What kind of process? Well, it you like downtempo instrumentals with elements of classical, rock, new age and smooth jazz music, Soul Ballet is your musical nirvana. This is the style of romantic of music that is huge in Europe and in “chill music” circles. Kelly plays keyboards and uses samples, beat boxes and all available modern musical technology to provide a saucy sound that's unique to smooth jazz. Anyone who's heard Kelly's first single from the CD, the luscious “Cream,” will agree.

1.She Rides |3:44|5.14 Mb
2.S.beach |3:37|4.97 Mb
3.Feel This Beat |8:05|11.11 Mb
4.Cream |5:28|7.52 Mb
5.Her Whispers |7:04|9.72 Mb
6.My Secret |4:07|5.66 Mb
7.Her Dream |1:36|2.22 Mb
8.Jazzy Girl |5:39|7.78 Mb
9.Dreaming Of |2:37|3.61 Mb
10.Watching U |9:33|13.12 Mb
11.Man And Woman|6:56|9.53 Mb
12.Exotique |7:51|10.80 Mb
13.Love Juliet (Bonustrack)|7:01|9.66 Mb