Soul Ballet : [1997] - Soul Ballet : CBR-320KBps

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Masterminded by producer, arranger, programmer, and multi-instrumentalist Rick "R.K." Kelly, Soul Ballet mixes cool, smooth contemporary jazz with pulsating electronic beats and a surprisingly dark, moody atmosphere. Kelly is occasionally joined by a live rhythm section, as well as a series of guest vocalists (whose ranks have included Stefani, Annika, and Billy Valentine), but for the most part, it's his show. Soul Ballet's albums include the eponymous debut from 1996, 1998's Trip the Night Fantastic, and 2000's Vibe Cinema.
~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Smooth Jazz. Who knows - go grab it! Who does not - worth trying! Similar to Acoustic Alchemy. Three more disks will follow.

Ненапрягающая, очень качественная музыка. Пожалуй, даже еще более расслабляющая, чем Acoustic Alchemy. Есть еще три диска. Советую всем!

Interested in getting Acoustic Alchemy, please write here, I am thinking of posting it too.

Заинтересованные получить Acoustic Alchemy, пишите сюда, я думаю, стоит ли выкладывать. Слушать - точно стоит ;)

Disk Credits:

Annika - Voices
Billy Valentine - Voices
Chris Bellman - Mastering
Gabriella - Voices
Jeff Lunt - Executive Producer
RK - Art Direction, Multi Instruments, Producer, Sound Effects
Robert Tauro - Executive Producer
Soul Ballet - Main Performer
Stefani - Voices

Track list : Soul Ballet : [1997] - Soul Ballet : CBR-320KBps

1. Love, Juliet
2. N.Y.C. Tripin
3. Exotique
4. Man and Woman
5. Intro Chill...
6. ...And da Livin Is Ez
7. Am I Close Enough
8. Get It on!!!
9. When She Moves
10. 'Round 12:01
11. There's a Storm Coming
12. Walkin' Thru the Rain
13. Her Mood

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