Soul Ballet : [2000] - Vibe Cinema : CBR-320KBps

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The third disk to continue the Soul Ballet series. Previous publications:
(1997) Soul Ballet
(1998) Trip the Night Fantastic

This CD is a wonderful combination of slow, soothing, sexy, upbeat music that makes you want to keep on listening to it. I won't call it full-on, traditional jazz with multiple instruments..etc. - it's more slow jazz with a little acid/electronic vibe - a nice combination of beats/rhythms/taps which allows for easy listening. The album starts off with slow but soothing music, with a surreal ambience that captures you, then progresses to faster, more upbeat, funky-jazzy music during the 2nd half of the CD.

Track listing:
1. Boom Boom Room (4:26)
2. Strawberry Girl (4:55)
3. One Day in My Life... (4:55)
4. Vibe Cinema (5:12)
5. Jaguar Drum Bar (4:18)
6. Touch Push Kiss Lie (4:31)
7. Choose Me (5:31)
8. Are You at the Party? (5:43)
9. She Feels It (5:17)
10. Love Is the Thing (5:52)
11. Black Sun (3:41)

Album credits:
Soul Ballet - Main Performer
Christopher Nibley - Photography, Digital Composition
Robert Tauro - Executive Producer
Rick Kelly - Bass, Guitar, Piano, Cinematography, Sound Design, Art Direction, Vibraphone
Nikki - Vocals
Sonny Simmons - Saxophone

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