National Geographic - Songs & Sounds of the Sea

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The album is published by National Geographic Society, it features John Roberts and Tony Barrand, as well as about another half-dozen folk singers, all doing sea shanties with sound-effects that make you feel like you're putting out to sea on an old whaling expedition. It's very authentic-sounding, the effect this album has at making you feel as if you're at sea is that good... The mp3 album has been recorded from an old record, the quality isn't that bad - except for the rare skips due to regular use of the record, it's a pretty enjoyable listen.
Альбом "Песни и звуки моря" выдан обществом National Geographic, содержит шанты — песни английских и американских моряков. Музыка в формат мп3 записана
из старой пластинки, поэтому иногда слышно потрескивание, а так качество вполне приличное.

Along The Pier - The Dreadnought
Money in Both Pockets - Blow, Ye Winds
Boston Harbor (With A Big Bow Wow)
Jolly Roving Tar
Patsy Campbell - The Whale Catchers
Wheat in the Ear
Johnny Todd - Sail Away, Ladies
The Diamond - Deil Stick The Minister
Rio Grande - Old Molly Hare - Can't You Dance The Polka
Fiddle Medley
Captain Kidd
Liverpool Hornpipe
Queer Bungo Rye
Devil Among The Tailors
Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her

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