Space - MAGIC FLY (1977)

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Space - MAGIC FLY (1977)

Space - MAGIC FLY (1977)

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| genre: Rock, Synth Pop, Club-Dance, Euro-Dance | year: January 1, 1977 |

1. Fasten Seat Belt
2. Ballad for Space Lovers
3. Tango in Space
4. Flying Nightmare
5. Magic Fly
6. Velvet Rape
7. Carry on, Turn Me On

The French synth-pop band Space had international hits with their 1977 dance numbers Carry on Turn Me On and Magic Fly, leading to a deal with Casablanca Records and gold records for the band's songwriter and leader Didier Marouani.

The dance group was formed by keyboardist Marouani in 1977. The group's biggest international success came later that year with the previously mentioned singles, both appearing on charts in a number of countries.

Space toured and recorded for the next few years and continued to make well-received records, although no singles duplicated the success of Magic Fly.