SPARKS - Hello young lovers (06 Feb 2006) They're back....

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SPARKS - Hello young Lovers (2006)

CD audio (6 février 2006) | Label: GUT UP | MP3 192 VBR | 79,5 Mb

On their new Cd album "Hello Young Lovers", Sparks protest predictability, obliterate the ordinary and demand utmost respect. With moments of sheer beauty, frenzy, dissonance, harmony, pure genius…"Hello Young Lovers" rocks !! It is cinematic and bold, lyrically liberal. "Hello Young Lovers" it's music for smart people. The only inspiration taken from any current music was the provocation to go as far as possible in the opposite direction. When writing and recording "Lil Beethoven" Sparks broke the rules, but in creating "Hello Young Lovers" the rule book has been thrown away. The resulting
"Hello Young Lovers" new album is an extraordinary masterpiece.

01. Dick Around
02. Perfume
03. The Very Next Fight
04. (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country
05. Rock, Rock, Rock
06. Metaphor
07. Waterproof
08. Here Kitty
09. There's No Such Thing As Aliens
10. As I Sit To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral