[progressive] Stanley Clarke - Rocks, Pebbles And Sand (1980)

Posted By: lowcostmusic
Yes, the side 1 (the 4 first tracks) of this album must be classified as progressive rock, and in my "low cost" opinion represents one of the best works of Mr. Stanley.

Stanley Clarke - Rocks, Pebbles And Sand
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Side 1
1-Danger Street
2-All Hell Broke Loose
3-Rocks Pebbles And Sand
Side 2
5-You Me Together
6-We Supply
7-The Story Of A Man And A Woman
Part1: She Thought I Was Stanley Clarke
Part2: A Fool Again
Part3: I Nearly Went Crazy
(Until I Realizaed What Had Occurred)

Part 1 - 24.60 Mb
Part 2 - 24.60 Mb
Part 3 - 18.75 Mb
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