Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play For You [1994]

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Stanley Clarke - I Wanna Play For You
1994 | Jazz Fusion/Bass Solo | VBR-MP3 | 115MB

Stanley Clarke has proved himself worthy of the respect of all music lovers abroad with this album. 'I WANNA PLAY FOR YOU' is a mixture of funk, rock, middle of the road, ect. It also catches him in some of his best live performances. The title track alone is worth a good listen to. It sounds like something from the future. Well, the future from 1979. With It's thumping bass, phat beat, and of course the funk it sounds like something Ice Cube would sample. Also, the live perfomances of ROCK 'N' ROLL JELLY, JAMAICAN BOY, (w/Jeff Beck), & HOT FUN are worth being played over & over again. If you purchase the CD, Tape, or for you vinyl lovers, the double album, it is worth the money! You may be suprised at the other artist that are also featured on this album.

1. I Wanna Play For You
2. Just A Feeling
3. The Streets Of Philadelphia
4. Together Again
5. Blues For Mingus
6. Strange Weather
7. Quiet Afternoon
8. Rock 'N' Roll Jelly
9. Jamaican Boy
10. My Greatest Hits
11. School Days
12. Hot Fun-Closing

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