Synergy - Cords (1978)

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Synergy - Cords (1978)

Synergy - Cords (1978)
Electronic | MP3 224 Kbps | 41:18 | 65,7 Mb


1. On Presuming To Be Modern I
2. Phobos And Deimos Go To Mars: Phobos
3. Phobos And Deimos Go To Mars: Deimos
4. Sketches Of Mythical Beasts
5. Disruption in World Communications
6. On Presuming To Be Modern II
7. A Small Collection Of Cords
8. Full Moon Flyer
9. Terra Incognita
10. Trellis
11. On Presuming To Be Modern III

"There's a lot to listen to on Cords, enough to keep it from being background music. Larry Fast, recording under the project name Synergy, must be credited for helping make electronic music accessible to a wider audience; Cords, originally released in 1978, is both an enjoyable and thought-provoking listen. Some pieces, such as "Phobos and Deimos Go to Mars" (which sounds rather like a Rush song) and "Full Moon Flyer," are primarily tonal, while other pieces, notably the three-part "On Presuming to Be Modern," have a more sophisticated structure. Either way, Synergy's music is different enough to surprise, accessible enough to be highly listenable" Genevieve Williams