John Petrucci - Suspended Animation (2005)

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John Petrucci - Suspended Animation (2005)

John Petrucci - Suspended Animation (2005)
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I am not the biggest fan of instrumental albums. Period. I find them more appealing to musicians than to any music fan. I guess this has something to do with the fact that I am equally interested to the lyrical approach of each band. Of course this doesn’t mean there are exceptionally crafted albums by known (or less known) instrumentalists out there. In the end it comes down to this: if an instrumental album can keep my interest level high through its duration then it is added to my "cool album" list. "Suspended Animation" is one of them…
This is actually the first solo album by John Petrucci. If I have to tell you who’s John Petrucci then you don’t know a lot about progressive metal and I am wondering why are you reading this review. Anyway, John is the guitar virtuoso behind the popular progressive act Dream Theater. Thought he has participated in several projects this is actually his debut solo effort. OK I know most of you saying right now "he’s telling he likes the album because this is an album of a Dream Theater member". Sorry but you got the wrong guy. Though I highly respect these progsters I can’t really say they are one of my favorite acts. I could explain why but there is no point doing so in this review.
Still I was eager to listen how Mr. Petrucci would sound without the rest of his gang. After several tests (listening the album early in the morning, late at night and so on) I came to the conclusion that "Suspended Animation" is a fine piece of work. Considering the progressive history of Petrucci I found the album quite "mainstream" or should I say easy to listen at? Maybe this doesn’t sound so good to some people but check it on your own! The compositions included in this album cover a vast range of music genres, all of them have been blended in a nice way.
So even if you listen the opener (and quite heavy / moody) "Jaws Of Life" or the stunning "Tunnel Vision" (a smooth new age vibrating song) you never get to say "OK let’s move on to the next one".The production is stunning. John knew that and has managed to handled the production on his own, accompanied by the long-time Dream Theater engineer Doug Oberkircher while the album has been mixed by Kevin Shirley. The trio gave a pounding and deep / smooth sound to the songs adding several additional points to the overall outcome.
In conclusion I can’t still say that this album has changed my opinion about instrumental releases. However it managed to entertain me on a high level.
1. Jaws Of Life
2. Glasgow Kiss
3. Tunnel Vision
4. Wishful Thinking
5. Damage Control
6. Curve
7. Lost Without You
8. Animate - Inanimate