The Sweet - Desolation Boulevard US Version

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The Sweet - Desolation Boulevard US Version

The Sweet - Deolation Boulevard US Version
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Anyone who has been a long-time fan of Sweet knows that they basically had 3 different careers as a band: first as a teeny-bop bubblegum band in the very early 70's who used session musicians, second as a heavyweight Glam/Hard Power-pop hit machine from '73 to '75, and third as an above-average Classic/Hard Rock/Metal band with pop leanings. This album captures the Sweet in all their mid-period hard-Glam glory and is without a doubt their most consistent album and one of the top 3 best albums to ever surface from the original Glamrock scene in early 70's Britain, even if (in this American release) it is a compilation of highlights from the original British release and the previous album (Sweet Fanny Adams).

No one camped it up as hard as these guys did at the time, and all the fun, energy, and excess of the day comes exploding out of each and every mini-masterpiece of a song on this platter. This album blew me away when I first heard it as a kid in the 70's and it still delivers the same visceral rush today. It influenced many different genres, including both Punk and Heavy Metal.

Maybe, this is THE definitive Sweet album. Previous efforts were too lightweight, and later albums had their moments, but were never anywhere near as consistent (or fun!) as Desolation Boulevard. Highlights are: Ballroom Blitz, Set Me Free, Sweet F.A., Fox On The Run, The Six-Teens, and Solid Gold Brass. But all-in-all this entire album rocks in all it's mascara'd glitter-damaged platform glory!!! HIGHLY recommended and essential if you're a Sweet fan or a fan of 70's Glamrock.