Sweet Smoke - just a poke / genre : Rock-Jazz/ my rip @320kbps+covers

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Sweet Smoke - just a poke / genre : Rock-Jazz/ my rip @320kbps+covers

just a poke (1970)

Just a Poke is the Sweet Smoke's record you'll adopt the fastest way if you're discovering the band, as the song Baby Night expresses the whole genius of the players.

Track listing
1. Baby night (16:24)
2. Silly Sally (16:22)

Total Time: 32:46

- Andrew Dershin / bass
- Jay Dorfman / drums, percussion
- Marvin Kaminowitz / lead guitar, vocals
- Michael Paris / tenor saxophone, alto recorder, vocals, percussion
- Steve Rosenstein / rhythm guitar, vocals

Baby Night is architecured in three parts, looking like an overture, a development and a conclusion that reminds the introduction. Four minutes of an instrumental phase let us discover the virtuosity of the band, chaining different rythms and tonalities.
You'll remark that the flute gives the play a magic sound, and solos played on both bridge or neck microphone of the guitar, and overdrive or clean sound will force you to buy a SG and a Stratocaster. People who already own these two guitares but not this record should see a doctor ASAP.

Silly Sally doesn't reach the same perfection degree, because based on a totaly different approach. It offers to the auditor a great wha-wha solo, followed, after a good time with the bass, by a huricane of percussions, during more than 5 minutes.
This time, you will run and buy a complete drum set at the corner shop after hearing this.

As a conclusion, we can say that with only 33 minutes of music, this record is a pure magnificent thing, and a very good introduction to Sweet Smoke.

Excellent solos throughout, and even a cover of the Doors "Soft Parade" hidden in there

On of the best mixture of rock, blues, progressive and jazz realized so far. All the instruments are worth listening individually.
I guarantee you'll love it !!


no pass

unfortunatly i have just one cd of the discography collection
In case somebody else would have one of the other cds of sweet smoke , it would be nice if you could post them thx..

SWEET SMOKE discography :

1970 :Just A Poke Studio Album

1973 :Darkness To Light Studio Album

1974 :Sweet Smoke Live

I hope you enjoy ;-))