Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul (2002)

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Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul (2002)

Tahiti 80: Wallpaper for the Soul (2002)
Genre: Indie-Pop
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The new Tahiti 80 cd is a masterpiece of future pop production. On this sophomore release, they have managed brilliantly to communicate their sound in a focused, flowy album. The overall tone is a sunshine day and the shades that accentuate the brilliance. The opening title song is downright inspirational. Xavier Boyer sings "in your heart there's plenty of room". The album goes on to give space to the room and colors to the "wallpaper". The production is elaborate and yet classic. Boyer's lyrics are poignant and simultaneously pop. In "Open Book" the fantastic lyric: "it's always the same vicious circle, you fall in love like you fall from a bicycle" This is pop at it's finest. Richer with every listen.

Track list
1. Wallpaper For The Soul
2. 1,000 Times
3. Separate Ways
4. Get Yourself Together
5. The Other Side
6. Happy End
7. Fun Fair
8. Soul Deep
9. Open Book
10. The Train
11. Don't Look Below
12. Memories Of The Past

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