Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

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The term “Talcum Soul” comes from the seventies practise of Northern Soul Dancers sprinkling talcum powder on the dance floor to reduce the friction between the soul of the shoe and the wooden surface.
MP3, 1998-2005, 192kbps, Soul, 90-100m each,

Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

Talcum Soul 1
01.Seven Days Too Long – Chuck Woods
02.A Lil' Lovin' Sometimes – Alexander Patton
03.Dr. Love – Bobby Sheen
04.Breakout – Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
05.Fortune Teller – Benny Spellman
06.Looking For You – Garnet Mimms
07.One More Hurt – Marjorie Black
08.What's Wrong With Me Baby – The Invitations
09.Ready, Willing And Able – Clydie King & Jimmy Holiday
10.End Of Our Love – Nancy Wilson
11.Love And Desire – Patrice Holloway
12.Better Use Your Head – Little Anthony
13.Dance, Dance, Dance – The Casualeers
14.What Can I Do? – Billy Prophet
15.Condition Red – Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band
16.She Blew A Good Thing – The Poets
17.As Long As I Have You – Garnet Mimms
18.Ski-Ing In The Snow – The Invitations
19.Working On You – The O'Jays
20.Love In My Heart – The Entertainers
21.If You Go – Derek Martin
22.I'll Do Anything – Doris Troy
23.Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) – The O'Jays
24.Don't – Marva Josie
25.You're My Everything – Little Jerry Williams
26.The Drifter – Ray Pollard

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Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

Talcum Soul 2
01.I'm On My Way – Dean Parrish
02.I'm Standing – Rufus Lumley
03.What Shall I Do – Frankie & The Classicals
04.Ecstasy – Patrice Holloway
05.So Is The Sun – World Column
06.I'll Never Forget You – The O'Jays
07.It'll Never Be Over For Me – Timi Yuro
08.A Lot Of Love – Homer Banks
09.The Real Thing – Tina Britt
10.Ten Miles High – David & The Giants
11.Grooving At The Go Go – 4 Larks, The
12.You're A Puzzle – The Jive Five
13.Gonna Fix You Good (Everytime You're Sad) – Little Anthony & The Imperials
14.If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) – Jerry Williams
15.I Can't Help Loving You – Jimmy Speedlove
16.I Love You Baby – Cindy Scott
17.I Walked Away – Bobby Paris
18.Heartbreaker – H.B. Barnum
19.Right On! – Al De Lory
20.Thumb A Ride – Earl Wright Orchestra
21.I'm So Glad – The Fuzz
22.By Yourself – J D Martin
23.We'll Be Making Out – Jessica James & The Outlaws
24.My Dear Heart – Shawn Robinson
25.Serving A Sentence On Life – Carl Douglas

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Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

Talcum Soul 3
01.I Feel Good (All Over) – Bettye Levette
02.One Day Love – Tommy Dodson
03.Baby Mine – Thelma Houston
04.60 Minutes Of Your Love – Homer Banks
05.My Heart Is In Danger – Alder Ray
06.Good Little You – Joey Dee
07.I Hurt On The Other Side – Jerry Cook
08.River Of Tears – Barbara Banks
09.Kissin' Her And Cryin' For You – The Checkmates
10.Cold Wave – Daisies
11.She Blew A Good Thing – Donald Height
12.Turn Around Baby – Lena & The Delanettes
13.In The Same Old Way (I Still Love You) – Scotty Williams
14.Can't Chance A Break Up – Ike & Tina Turner
15.The Girls Got It – Billy Preston
16.You've Got The Love – Little Rose Little
17.I Can't Do It – Eddie & Ernie
18.Think About The Good Times – Baby Washington
19.Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own – Anna King
20.Look At Me Look At Me – Vernon Greene
21.Be Careful Girl – Betty Turner
22.Baby I Need You – Williams,T.J. & Two Shades Of Soul
23.Time Marches On – Lainie Hill
24.Why Did You Do It To Me – The Thieves
25.It's A Sad Thing – Ray Pollard
26.It Seems Like I've Been Here Before – JJ Jackson

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Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

Talcum Soul 4
01.Good Time Tonight – Soul Sisters
02.This Beautiful Day – Levi Jackson
03.Spinning Top – The Orlons
04.Honest To Goodness – Diplomats
05.Nothing's Too Good For My Baby – Sandy Nelson
06.I Only Get This Feeling – Dee Irwin
07.Feel In Love With You Baby – Linda Elliot
08.A Fine Young Girl – Ernie Andrews
09.I Know The Meaning – Rose St. John & The Wonderettes
10.Mr Soul Satisfaction – Timmy Willis
11.Baby I'm Serious – Charlotta Tillman
12.Hold On – The O'Jays
13.Stolen Hours – Patrice Holloway
14.I'm Losing You – Kenny Ballard And The Fabulous Soul Brothers
15.Please Don't Go – Kathy And The Calendars
16.Nothing Can Help You Now – Lenny Curtis
17.What Are You Trying To Do? – Irma Thomas
18.World Without Sunshine – Sandra Phillips
19.He's Got The Nerve – True-Tones
20.Turn To Me – Chris Towns Unit
21.Help Me (Get Over My Used To Be A Lover) – Honey And The Bees
22.Try My Loving On You – The Clovers
23.Stand Up Like A Man – Bettye LaVette
24.Long After Tonight Is All Over – Irma Thomas
25.Movin' Away – Kenny Lynch
26.Walk With A Winner – Gene McDaniels

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Talcum Soul Vol. 1-5

Talcum Soul 5
01.Party In The Woods – The Persuasions
02.Roll With The Punches – Carole Fran
03.Lady Love – The Vontastics
04.Doctor Good Soul – Landy
05.Time Can Change A Love – Cindy Scott
06.Put Your Heart In It – Joey Dee
07.Stop And You'll Become Aware – Helen Shapiro
08.Too Many People – Bobby Goldsboro
09.Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man – Ila Vann
10.She's Called A Woman – The Magnificent Seven
11.Number One In Your Heart – Herbie Goins And The Nightimers
12.To The Bitter End – Bobby Hill
13.What Can Go Wrong? – The Thrills
14.I Lost A True Love – Danny Wagner & The Kindred Soul
15.Find Me Love – Jackie De Shannon
16.Hooked By Love – Homer Banks
17.Livin' In Love – Sheila Anthony
18.Because I Love You – Willie Hightower
19.Change My Darkness Into Light – The Flirtations
20.Please Keep Away From Me – Elbie Parker
21.Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby? – The Crystals
22.Love Is Dangerous – Frank Polk
23.No Time For You – The O'Jays
24.It's All Over – Gee
25.Everything Is Fine – The Skyliners
26.Step Into My World – Harry Starr

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