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Talk Talk-Laughing Stock
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The fifth Talk Talk album, LAUGHING STOCK was its first following the band's much publicised split with EMI Records (the album was issued by the jazz label Verve). Recorded with ahuge complement of string instruments, LAUGHING STOCK is a far cry from the pop music of the band's early days–indeed,there are very few records that sound like it at all.
Containing elements of rock, classical, jazz, and experimentalmusic, it pays little or no attention to traditional musical structures, setting its sights instead on unexplored realms. On "After the Flood", a slithering bass line and low-key drum pattern are coloured in with peals of shrieking guitar feedback, while the whole track is suffused with sampled rain effects. "Taphead" opens with an underplayed guitar line against Mark Hollis' hesitant vocals, before devolving into apiece that's part song and part sound sculpture, punctuatedby strings and horns that suggest metal fatigue in a cavernous ship's hold. The ebb and flow of "New Grass" features instruments bubbling and echoing around Hollis' shimmering voice, set to a jazzy backbeat. This is an album that will slowly enfold you. []
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