Tangerine Dream, Weather Report, J.L.Ponty & Others - Ossiach Live (1971)

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Tangerine Dream, Weather Report, J.L.Ponty & Others - Ossiach Live (1971)

Tangerine Dream, Weather Report, J.L.Ponty & Others - Ossiach Live | 1971 | Electronic, Ambient, Kraut
MP3 | CBR 160 kbp/s | FhG | Time: 136:46 | Size: 158Mb

Musicians on TD track: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


01. Polemische Arie [performed by Otto M. Zykan & Ensemble] 4:20
02. Mother People [performed by The Dave Pike Set] 12:45
03. Ossiach 71 [performed by Anima Sound, Paul and Limpe Fuchs] 9:00
04. Epitaph fur eine Mutter [performed by Hummel spielt Hummel] 7:00
05. Oszillator Planet Concert [performed by Tangerine Dream] 8:10
06. La, la, la je ne l'ose dire [performed by Madrigalchor Bukarest] 1:52
07. 3. Satz aus dem Klavierkonzert C-dur KV 467 [performed by Friedrich Gulda & Filharmonija Zagreb] 6:35
08. Raga [performed by A.Parikh and S.Bellare] 13:00

01. Chanson Byzantine [performed by Madrigalchor Bukarest] 3:50
02. Mohammedanische Liturgische Gesange [performed by Le Groupe Liturgique de Tunis] 11:35
03. Arabischer Liturgischer Gesang [performed by Jelloul Osman Mezoued & Le Groupe Liturgique de Tunis] 6:35
04. Mahgreb Suite [performed by S.E.Mahdi, J.Surman, J.L.Ponty, J.Osman, S.Martin, M.Slama, G.Gruntz, H.Jouini, B.Phillips and L.Fuchs] 23:00
05. Off Dear [performed by The Trio: J.Surman, B. Phillips and S. Martin] 7:50
06. Eurydice [performed by Weather Report] 14:30

The German 3 LP set Ossiach Live was the first record featuring various artists, that included a track by Tangerine Dream: Oszillator Planet Concert. This very first live recording of Tangerine Dream was never released on a regular TD record. For this reason this extremely rare sampler is included in TD discography.

The Tangerine Dream line-up in the tracklist features Peter Baumann with his full name: Hans Peter Baumann.

In 1994 the material of all three LPs was released on a double CD on the Italian grey market with a cover artwork very similar to the original release. However, the CD set is regarded as a bootleg because of different copyright laws in Germany. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not the best one because the music material obviously was transferred from vinyl to compact disc.

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