Tangerine Dream - The Keep (1983)

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Tangerine Dream - The Keep (1983)

Tangerine Dream - The Keep | 1983 | Release 1997 | Electronic
MP3 | CBR 320 kbp/s | Lame 3.96 | Time: 60:06 | Size: 138Mb

Edgar Froese (All guitars, Vocoder voices, Keyboards)
Christoph Franke (Additional Keyboards)
Johannes Schmoelling (Additional Keyboards and Drumcomputer)

Recorded February 1983 at the Tangerine Dream Studios, Berlin.


01. Puer Natus Est Nobis 3:09
02. Ancient Powerplant 4:28
03. The Silver Seal 3:07
04. Voices From A Common Land 4:06
05. Arx Allemand 4:24
06. The Night In Romania 3:15
07. Canzone 2:51
08. Sign In The Dark 4:19
09. Weird Village 3:23
10. Love And Destiny 3:31
11. The Challenger's Arrival 4:32
12. Supernatural Accomplice 4:07
13. Parallel Worlds 4:29
14. Truth And Fiction 2:52
15. Wardays Sunrise 3:20
16. Heritage Survival 4:13

It seemed to be a never ending story of announcements, delays and denials - the release of TD's soundtrack for the Michael Mann movie The Keep, done in 1983 with the line-up Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling. The album was for the first time to be issued in 1984 by Virgin, catalogue numbers had already been printed in lists, and some people believe that even a handful of LP copies may have hit the shops then. But the LP was drawn back by Virgin due to copyright problems. In the following years it had been announced several times, but the only releases had been some bootlegs (including the 1995 CD release The Keep besides several different CD-R versions) and the cover version The Keep by a band called "The Fantasy Merchants" in late 1995 featuring re-recorded material from several TD soundtracks including some tracks from The Keep.

In 1997, more than 13 years after the first information, TD announced: "Edgar spent more than six weeks to bring the original score material from the early '80s into a CD format. Jerome finally did TD's DQC mastering." The CD would include "most of the material known from the picture plus some of those tracks which have not been used within the movie due to director's decision".

TD's own label TDI issued a special designed edition of just 150 copies which were sold on the Great Britain concert in November 1997, prior to the official release by Virgin that was announced for January 15th, 1998 - one more announcement that proved to be wrong. In May 1998 Edgar Froese explained his point of view: "We have a contract which we will have to insist on", and the release date was announced for August. But in early September it turned out that Virgin had stopped once again all plans for the release as there were still open contractual and legal questions.

In late 1999, TDI released another limited edition of The Keep. This time 300 copies with a different cover artwork were sold via Internet. They were not available separately but only in the so-called "Millennium Booster" set, together with a pre-release version of Great Wall Of China, an autographed card and a T-shirt - all together for the price of _180. As a surprise for those collectors who bought this set, the parcel included an additional promotional poster and another collector's item: the CD Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score.

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