Tangerine Dream - Thief (1981)

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Tangerine Dream - Thief (1981)

Tangerine Dream - Thief | 1981 | Electronic
MP3 | CBR 320 kbp/s | Lame 3.96 | Time: 40:11 | Size: 76Mb

Edgar Froese (Keyboards, Electronic Equipment, Guitar)

Christoph Franke (Synth, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Percussion)

Johannes Schmoelling (Keyboards, Electronic Equipment)

Recorded in 1980 at Christoph Franke's Studio, Berlin.


1. Beach Theme 3:44
2. Dr. Destructo 3:18
3. Diamond Diary 10:48
4. Burning Bar 3:11
5. Beach Scene 6:48
6. Scrap Yard 4:40
7. Trap Feeling 2:57
8. Igneous 4:45

Soon after the 1980 studio album ''Tangram'' was finished TD began the work on the soundtrack for the Michael Mann film Thief starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld, Robert Prosky and Willie Nelson (the US title of the movie was Violent Streets, the German title was Der Einzelgänger, the French title was Le Solitaire). William Friedkin, director of ''Sorcerer'' had recommended TD's music to Michael Mann. In the 1981 Electra/Asylum press release for ''Exit'' Edgar Froese stated: ''It was a pleasure because we had a finished film to work from. When we did Sorcerer we created the music before a foot of the film had been shot. The exotic and shifting moods of Thief fitted in perfectly with the kind of music we played. Making the soundtrack allowed us to play around in the studio a bit and create a piece of music we thought would fit the picture like a glove, yet would also stand on its own.''

''Thief'' was the second big Hollywood film that TD worked on after ''Sorcerer''. Michael Mann was professionally prepared and knew precisely what he wanted. Up to this point, no one had ever used a sequencer for this category of movies. Sorcerer, which was the first film in which sequencers appeared, took place in very strange primeval forest. Many people did not even really notice the exotic music. But Thief took place in a normal thriller setting - here the music was once unusual. This score was and is one of the most unusual of its kind for American film, and TD received many offers after. Michael Mann, who the band later worked for on The Keep, really helped TD quite a lot on the way when he offered this film to them.

There were two versions of the album; only the US release from 1981 included the track Confrontation that was composed and performed by Craig Safan. All other worldwide releases featured the composition Beach Scene (itself an extended version of the opening title Beach Theme) instead, though, by mistake, the US track listing was printed on the covers of some of the first releases.

There have been rumours that Confrontation was composed by Safan but played by TD, as the cover information suggests, but issue N9 of the newletter of TD's now defunct official fan club (TDIFC) clearly states: ''During the time Michael Mann was editing and dubbing the movie Thief, TD played some gigs in Italy. Michael rang them in Venice and asked for a final guitar sequence which should close the movie. There was no time for the band to step into an Italian studio to record such a piece of music. What's very unusual for TD, happened. Michael had to ask an LA based guitarist to compose what's called later Confrontation on the record. It had to have playing technique and a TD sound. Virgin records, who did the release of the record outside the States, didn't like the piece or the whole procedure. It was done and taken off the tape. Business as usual!''

In 1995 Virgin re-released the album on CD in the so-called ''Definitive Edition'' series, featuring the original front cover artwork. The sound quality of this release, using the Super Bit Mapping technology, is probably the best up to now, but like most of the other releases of this series, it contains some little errors: The track sequence on the CD body is wrong (track 4 and 5 are exchanged), Edgar Froese's name is misspelled Frose in the booklet, the backside insert features the name of Peter Baumann instead of Johannes Schmoelling, and the soundtrack is alleged to be a 'Live' CD on the backstrip.

In 2001 the movie was shown at the Film Festival Brauschweig in presence of Johannes Schmoelling.

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