The Mars Volta — Amputechture - 2006 - ADVANCED

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1. Vicarious Atonement 7:19
2. Tetragrammaton 16:41
3. Vermicide 4:15
4. Meccamputechture 11:02
5. Asilos Magdalena 6:34
6. Viscera Eyes 9:23
7. Day Of The Baphomets 11:56
8. El Ciervo Vulnerado 8:50

Amputechture is the third studio album by The Mars
Volta. It was recorded in Los Angeles, CA, El Paso,
TX and Melbourne, Australia. The album was produced
by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and mixed by Rich Costey.
The cover art is a horizontal inversion of Jeff
Jordan's "Big Mutant". A new release date of September
12, 2006 has been confirmed by Universal Records.
Gold Standard Labs has confirmed that the album will
be released on vinyl in September of 2006. The album
features almost a dozen artists, including Red Hot
Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante who is featured
as guest guitarist on every track.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala said inspirations for the album were
very diverse, ranging from the recent U.S. immigration
marches to the news stories of possessed nuns. As far as
the concept of the album, storyline, and overall mood has
to go, Cedric Bixler-Zavala had this to say during the

"This album's a commentary about the fear of God instead
of the love of God, which goes hand-in-hand with
Catholicism… To me, religion is the reason there is so
much conflict in this world, and I think it's just so
unnecessary to believe in this blue-eyed, white-bearded,
white-haired God. Amputechture is my personal way of
describing enlightenment, or just the celebration of this
person who is a shaman and not a crazy person. It's about
the pineal gland and how it has certain elements that mimic
a DMT experience, and how we can come up with cures for
cancer and AIDS if we're more in tune with what's going on
in the rainforest."