The Art Of Amalia Rodrigues

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The Art Of Amalia Rodrigues

The Art Of Amalia Rodrigues
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1. Nem As Paredes Confesso
2. Maldicao
3. Fado Portugues
4. Ai Mouraria
5. Vou Dar De Beber A Dor
6. Barco Negro
7. Gaivota
8. Povo Que Lavas No Rio
9. Estranha Forma De Vida
10. Ha Festa Na Mouraria
11. Uma Casa Portuguesa
12. Lisboa Antiga
13. Coimbra
14. Maria Lisboa
15. Havemos De Ir A Viana
16. Primavera
17. Com Que Voz
18. Foi Deus

"Amalia Rodrigues is the unchallenged queen of fado–the Portuguese equivalent of flamenco or blues–and one of the greatest singers on record. Her voice is rich and sinuous, with the soulful intensity of a Billie Holiday or Edith Piaf, but a warmth and sense of phrasing all her own. This retrospective ranges from her first recordings in 1952 up to 1970 and gives a superb picture of her work. The instrumentation is simple guitar and Portuguese mandolin, perfectly framing her aching laments and flowing melodies, like a gentler version of flamenco or a continental cousin of Cesaria Evora's morna. The songs include folk and popular material, but the emphasis is on the deep, passionate fado, and it doesn't get any better than this. –Elijah Wald"

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