The Blessing - Locusts And Wild Honey [1994]

Posted By: Crossfire
The Blessing - Locusts And Wild Honey [1994]

1. Razor's Edge
2. Soul Love
3. Magic
4. River Dries Up
5. My Soul Cries Out
6. Burning
7. Zion
8. Sail On
9. Tony English
10. Sweetheart
11. Your Game
12. Singer's Shoes

I have been a fan of The Blessing since 1991, when the first album, Prince of the Deep Water was released. Since then, I have tried to buy everything of the Blessing I can get hold of, and it is strange that I was only able to get the second album, Locusts and Wild Honey, last week. This was after I had had William Topley's first solo effort, Black River, for a year. Obviously, something's gone wrong with the marketing of these absolutely first-rate products, and I am only thankful that I was fortunate enough to notice the wonder of this music before it passed me by. I am absolutely enthralled by the passion, hunger, thirst, soul, drama, melody and power of William Topley's music. Just his voice alone is something that is so enrapturing, that together with music and lyrics like that, there is no equal. Quite why The Blessing never became one of the biggest bands in the world I don't know, but I am very grateful for that, because William Topley's music seems to be evolving naturally, as it should be, in fact getting better in its change. If this music doesn't conjure up images of tropics, pirates, slaves, hardships, love and loss, then nothing will.



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