The Chieftains «The Chieftains 1»

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The Chieftains «The Chieftains 1» (1964)
Irish Folk / Celtic

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In the world of traditional Irish music, the Chieftains have done more than any other group to widen the genre's popularity. This, their debut, released a mere two years after their 1963 inception, reflects only a taste of what was to come. It's straightahead folk music; the selections consist of stalwartly traditional reels, jigs, and airs, all of which illuminate the debt that American folk traditions owed to old-school Irish and Celtic folk forms. Fairly restrained in its energy, these songs float by without the confidence of the Chieftains' later work, revealing the music's position in the tentative vanguard of the Celtic folk revivals of the later 1960s.

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Tracks 1 - 3 | 22.6 Mb

1. Se Faith Mo Bhuartha (It Is the Cause of My Sorrow) / The Lark on the ST
2. An Comhra Donn (The Brown Chest) / Murphy's Hornpipe
3. Cailín Na Gruaige Doinne (The Brown-Haired Girl)

Tracks 4 - 7 | 17.7 Mb

4. Comb Your Hair and Curl It / The Boys of Ballisodare
5. Musical Priest / The Queen of May
6. Walls of Liscarroll
7. Dhruimfhionn Donn Dílis (The Beloved Silk of the Kine)

Tracks 8 - 11 | 22.2 Mb

8. Connemara Stocking / The Limestone Rock / Dan Breen's Reel
9. Casadh an Tsúgáin (The Twisting of the Rope)
10. The Boy in the Gap
11. Saint Mary's Polka / The Church Street Polka / Garrett Barry / The Battering