The Commitments - OST

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The Commitments - OST
The Commitments OST

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alternative medicine

The Commitments (1991) MOVIE

Dosage: 112 minutes.

Active Ingredients: Robert Arkins, Michael Aherne, Angeline Ball, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dave Finnegan, Bronagh Gallagher, Felim Gormley, Glen Hansard, Dick Massey, Johnny Murphy, Kenneth McCluskey, Andrew Strong, Colm Meaney, Anne Kent, Andrea Corr.

Inactive Ingredients: Alan Parker, director. Paul Bushnell, original music.

Recommended Usage: View with volume.

Warnings: May induce repeated visits to used record stores.

Possible Side Effects: Toe tapping. Hip swaying. Mirror dancing.
The Commitments
Suggested by Candice Cronin

I don't know how many of you folks out there have a passion for old rock n' roll the way I do. Hard driven, rhythm and blues-based, sung from the soul. It's a solid joy to hear. Why else would it be so popular in movie soundtracks? But, a few years ago, somebody finally captured the pure essence of that heartfelt music. Oddly enough, though, it took a trip to Ireland to find it. Thanks to the recommendation of one of my loyal patients, I've learned to enjoy this movie and its soundtrack all over again.
The Commitments tells the story of young Jimmy Rabbitte, and his quest to form the best soul music band in the land. Problem is, Jimmy is smack in the middle of North Dublin, Ireland. If he can pull this off, it'll be a rippin' miracle, 'cause, well, Ireland ain't known for its collection of r&b musicians, you know? But, as Jimmy explains to the ragtag group he scrounges together, soul music is considered to be "black music," and, in his words, "the Irish are the blacks of England, and Dubliners are the blacks of the Irish, and North Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin." There's got to be soul music somewhere in that logic, right?
And, when all the pieces start to fit together, and all the voices finally blend, it is indeed pure soul music, from the hard bass thump to the wailing horns to the hard-voiced lead.

more info:

Total play length - (46:43)
1. Commitments - Mustang Sally (4:01)
2. Commitments - Take Me To The River (3:39)
3. Commitments - Chain Of Fools (2:58)
4. Commitments - The Dark End Of The Street (2:36)
5. Commitments - Destination Anywhere (3:09)
6. Commitments - I Can't Stand The Rain (3:11)
7. Commitments - Try A Little Tenderness (4:33)
8. Commitments - Treat Her Right (3:39)
9. Commitments - Do Right Woman Do Right Man (3:16)
10. Commitments - Mr. Pitiful (2:11)
11. Commitments - I Never Loved A Man (3:11)
12. Commitments - In The Midnight Hour (2:24)
13. Commitments - Bye Bye Baby (3:25)
14. Commitments - Slip Away (4:30)

One of my favorites, esp. for lazy Sunday afternoon...

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