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A Film by Klaas Rusticus | Music by Leos Janacek
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THE DANDELION CROWN's engrossing imagery is set to Czechcomposer Leos Janacek's (1854-1928) "Glagolitic Mas" perhaps his most important work.

Janacek, born the son of a Moravian schoolmaster and organist, seemed set to follow in his father's footsteps in the quiet backwater of a small town. His music however gradually began to be influenced by Moravian folk songs and these were to contribute to his operatic work in particular. Janacek wrote the `Glagolitic Mass' between 1926 and 1927, it premiered that year in Brno and was subsequently hailed as a masterpiece of Twentieth Century choral repertoire.

The story of THE DANDELION CROWN is allegorical. It shows how an insignificant member of society struggles to maintain her own unique individuality and refuses to go along with the crowd. It also portrays a ritualistic world in which the voice of the individual must always under all circumstances be silenced. But it does offer the final consolation that the leader of the Inquisition cannot escape his own just punishment.

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