The Fixx - Reach The Beach (1983)

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The Fixx - Reach The Beach (1983)

The Fixx - Reach The Beach (1983)
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Song Title
1. One Thing Leads To Another
2. Sign Of Fire, The
3. Running
4. Saved By Zero
5. Opinions
6. Reach The Beach
7. Changing
8. Liner
9. Privilege
10. Outside

The Fixx: Cy Currin (vocals); Jamie West-Oram (guitar); Rupert Greenall (keyboards); Adam Woods (drums, percussion). Recorded at Farmyard Studios, England. All tracks have been digitally remastered. Although The Fixx's debut album, 1982's SHUTTERED ROOM, featured a couple of college radio hits in "Red Skies" and "Stand or Fall," it was the following year's REACH THE BEACH which was their American cultural breakthrough. Thanks to incomprehensible videos for the equally inscrutable singles "Saved By Zero" and "One Thing Leads to Another," The Fixx were suddenly pop stars. Given that the group's music is basically streamlined art-rock–think 10cc without a sense of humor, or Asia with better hooks–this cachet with the teen set is just one of the more surprising examples of MTV's power. Besides those two hits, highlights of REACH THE BEACH include the enjoyably tense "Running," the spare and moody "Opinions," and the downright normal pop song "Privilege." Though overexposure has tarnished the singles, the rest of REACH THE BEACH still sounds surprisingly fresh.


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