The James Gang - Live In Concert (MFCD 789)

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The James Gang - Live In Concert (MFCD 789)

The James Gang - Live In Concert
Carnegie Hall, New York City
MFCD 789

Nothing fancy like all these Project MFSL super posts of 'gold' and 'ultra' discs I've been downloading since finding your web site a coupla days ago. My MFSL disc looks plain aluminum. And it's not a full-length James Gang concert (does one exist?). But it's the last recording of the original trio … Carnegie Hall accoustics are superb … and it's live!


The James Gang - Live In Concert (MFCD 789)

The James Gang - Live In Concert (MFCD 789)

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine (
The James Gang earned a great number of fans through their live performances, so it made sense that they would release a live record within months of their successful third album. Live in Concert captures much of the energy of their live performances, with Joe Walsh's guitar solos catching fire on nearly every song. However, the record also makes it clear that he was beginning to outgrow the confines of the James Gang, as Fox and Peters struggled to keep up with his imaginative playing for most of the album.

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1. Stop
2. You're Gonna Need Me
3. Take A Look Around
4. Tend My Garden
5. Ashes, The Rain & I
6. Walk Away
7. Lost Woman

Hope y'all enjoy!
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