The Misfits - Vampira bootleg

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The Misfits - Vampira bootleg

«The Misfits - Vampira bootleg»
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Do You like punk? Take a lool inside and download this amazing bootleg from the Misfits

Vampira Bootleg cd (Babyface Records BF-10)

01. Halloween
02. 20 Eyes
03. I Turned Into A Martian
04. Horror Business
05. Vampira
06. Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?
07. London Dungeon
08. Attitude
09. Teenagers From Mars
10. Night of the Living Dead
11. All Hell Breaks Loose
12. Hate Breeders
13. Bullet
14. We Are 138
15. Last Caress
16. Horror Hotel
17. Ghoul's Night Out
18. 20 Eyes -omitted
19. I Turned Into A Martian -omitted
20. Astro Zombies -omitted
21. Vampira -omitted
22. All Hell Breaks Loose
23. Nike A Go Go
24. Devil's Whorehouse
25. Horror Business
26. Teenagers From Mars
27. Children In Heat
28. Skulls
29. Nike A Go Go
30. Where Eagles Dare
31. Demonomania
32. Wolfs Blood

01-17: Live 25 Dec 1981 at Hittsville in Passaic, NJ
18-24: Walk Among Us side one original unreleased Plan 9 version 1981
25-27: Live 15 Sept 1979 (2nd set) at the 4th Street Saloon in Bethlehem, PA
28-32: Live 07 Jan 1983 at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, MI

This cd features the complete XMAS 81 show which is most commonly found on the old "If You Don't Know This Song…" lp in incomplete form. It also features a few additional things of interest; such as side one of Walk Among Us as it was planned for Plan 9 release, before Slash picked it up, a few tracks in terrible sound quality from the show at HFCC which were recorded on the same day as the "Why Be Something You're Not" TV appearance, as well as the old "Live 79! The Perfect Crime" live 7-inch.

Please note that tracks 18-21 are omitted since they appear in the Misfits Box Set on disc 3 as tracks 22-25.

***A special note about track 21*** states that track 21 is a different mix than what appears on the box set as disc 3 track 25. After repeated listening, I believe that is incorrect. It is my belief that the mix of "Vampira" on the box set (disc 3 track 25) is, in fact, the same as track 21 on this cd. Therefore, that track has been omitted from this torrent as well as the three preceding tracks which also appear on the box set. The alternate "bass-fuzz ending" mix of "Vampira" from August 1981 that mentions actually appears on the old "Unknown Demo 1981-1982"of which used to provide information but, for reasons unknown, no longer does. (I *think* it may just be a result of Mark Kennedy erroneously finding the "Unknown Demo 1981-1982" to be somehow redundant since the other tracks on it were either officially released or available in better quality elsewhere, like here on the "Vampira" cd). is correct, however, that the mixes of "Nike A Go Go" on the box set (disc 3 track 27) and here (track 23) are different to one another.

When there is enough interest i will upload 2 dvd from the Misfits too
Have funn
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