The Pastels: Illuminati (Pastels Music Remixed) [1999]

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The Pastels: Illuminati (Pastels Music Remixed) [1999]

Genre: Lounge/Chill-out | Year: 1999 | MP3 VBR HQ | Rapidshare-3 parts | 100MB

Illuminati is a collection of remixes from the eclectic band the Pastels. The remixes are extremely varied from the soothing sounds of Ian Carmichael to the funky vibes of Stereolab. Featuring much of the band's best work, Illuminati will surely please all of the Pastels fans out there, but given the great artists who take the Pastels songs and re-shape them and turn them into cool trip-hop/lounge style tracks this is a great album for fans of electronic music. One note: the Kid Loco remix of the Viaduct (which is also remixed spectacularly by Ian Carmichael) is an instrumental mix, whereas on Kid Loco's brilliant "Jesus Life…" album the remix contains the vocals. For any fan of Viaduct you know that the lyrics and the enticing singing make it the beautiful song that it is. The Loco track is still creative and cool, but his other one is better. Good, soothing, laidback, music for any occasion.

Track list
1. Magic Nights - My Bloody Valentine
2. The Viaduct - Kid Loco
3. Windy Hill - Cornelius
4. One Wild Moment - Stereolab
5. Attic Plan (Saturday Nightlight mix) - Mouse On Mars
6. Remote Climbs - Cinema
7. Remote Climbs - John M'Entire
8. The Viaduct - Ian Carmichael
9. Thomson Colour - To Rococo Rot
10. Cycle - My Bloody Valentine
11. On The Way - The Third Eye Foundation
12. Rough Riders - Future Pilot aka
13. Rough Riders - Make Up
14. Frozen Waves - Flacco
15. The Viaduct - Bill Wells
16. Leaving This Island - Jim O'Rourke


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