The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden

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The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden
MP3 128 Kbps | Audio CD (August 2, 2005) Label: Vitamin Records
Genre: Instrumental. Special way tribute to the Beast

Digging deeper (careful, not too deep!) it is in the sinewy bass lines of Harris that we find the raw materials for this, our piano tribute to Iron Maiden, for as athletic as his playing is, it is also the melodic core of the band’s material, a logical extension of his being the primary songwriter as well as the bass player. Yes, dig if you will, the simple lines intertwining, the distillation of evil spirits, and enjoy these catchy numbers of the beast!
1 Two Minutes To Midnight
2 Wasted Years
3 Can I Play with Madness
4 Trooper
5 Brave New World
6 Run to The Hills
7 Caught Somewhere In Time
8 Aces High
9 Hallowed Be Thy Name
10 Flight of Icarus
11 Number of The Beast
12 Eddie's Lament (Original Composition)