The RAT PACK - Coffret 2 CD (2004) @320 re-up

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The RAT PACK - Coffret 2 CD (2004) @320 re-up

The RAT PACK - Coffret 2 CD (2004) @320 re-up

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The RAT PACK - Coffret 2 CD (2004)
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Coffret 2 CD 2004
ATOM Music Ltd

The Rat Pack was formedby Humphrey BOGART in 1955. The then "Holmby Hills Rat Pack" was meant to be a gathering of the guys for nights of drinking and fun. After BOGART's death in 1957, The Rat Pack as we know it today was born under the leadership of the Pack Master, Frank SINATRA. The new Pack was comprised of SINATRA's pals, namely Dean MARTIN, Sammy DAVIS Jr., Peter LAWFORD, and Joey BISHOP …etc…

CD1 September Song (18 tracks)
CD2 Far Away Places (18 tracks)

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