The Waterboys - This Is The Sea + Additional Recordings 2 cd´s (1985) (2004)

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The Waterboys - This Is The Sea + Additional Recordings 2 cd´s (1985) (2004)
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The Waterboys - This Is The Sea + Additional Recordings 2 cd´s (1985) (2004)

CD1 - "This Is The sea" (90MB)

01 - Don't Bang the Drum
02 - The Whole of the Moon
03 - Spirit
04 - The Pan Within
05 - Medicine Bow
06 - Old England
07 - Be My Enemy
08 - Trumpets
09 - This Is the Sea

CD2 - "Additional Recordings" (2 x 65MB)

01 - Beverly Penn (previously unreleased)
02 - Sleek White Schooner (previously unreleased)
03 - Medicine Bow (full length) (previously unreleased)
04 - Medicine Jack
05 - High Far Soon
06 - Even The Trees Are Dancing
07 - Towers Open Fire
08 - This Is The Sea (live 1984)
09 - Then You Hold Me (previously unreleased)
10 - Spirit (full length)
11 - Miracle
12 - I Am Not Here
13 - Sweet Thing
14 - The Waves (previously unreleased)

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"Remastered reissue of the classic 1985 album features 23 tracks including a bonus disc with 14 additional recordings, `Beverly Penn` (prev. unreleased), `Sleek White Schooner` (prev. unreleased), `Medicine Bow` (prev. unreleased full length version), `Medicine Jack` (B-side on CD for first time), `High Far Soon` (instrumental B-side), `Even The Trees Are Dancing`, `Towers Open Fire`, `This Is The Sea` (Live), `Then You Hold Me`, `Spirit` (full length version), `Miracle`, `I Am Not Here`, `Sweet Thing` (1985 version), & `Waves` (prev. unreleased instrumental)"

(Review From Amazon: Andrew J. Buckland)

"If you are reading this review, it may well be that you know the original album and want to know about the additional CD.
If this is not the case, you need to know only that "This is the Sea" is one of the finest albums of the decade (the 80's) in which it was made.
So to the additional CD ……… well, if you chose to buy this prepare to be astounded.
The opening track "Beverly Penn" will leave your jaw on the floor, wondering how this beautiful song (lyrically and musically) possibly remained unreleased, even on the original album.

Elsewhere you get full length versions of Spirit and Medicine Bow that more than enhance the original releases.
Add to the smorgasbord a number of terrific studio recorded instrumentals, some of which form the basis of completed songs that made the final released album. There's also a live version of the title track recorded before the studio version and a number of other songs that in most cases were inexplicably left off the final running order.
After a week with this, I've come to the conclusion that the extra CD beats the pants off the original…… and anyone who has lived with "This is the Sea" for two decades will find that hard to believe.
This is an amazing release and it takes me back 26 years..YES it HAS been that long..oh well LoL.
When i first heard the "Additional Recordings" and the opening track "Beverly Penn" It did leave my Jaw on the floor!
(as Andrew put it in the above review)
I had to listen to it 5 or 6 is fantastic…and of course it should have been on the Original Release in´85 !

"Spirit" in a Long version is another brilliant song.

Also Van Morrisons "Sweet Thing" sounds just like if Mr Scott himself wrote it.
Just imagine ANY band today, that has that kind of material..and NOT include it !!!
This release is from 2004..and it has been on hold until now..thats 19 years…..and is a must for Waterboys fans!

Enjoy :)

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