The World Of Jeeves And Wooster Original Soundtrack

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The World Of Jeeves And Wooster Original Soundtrack

The World Of Jeeves And Wooster Original Soundtrack
Genre: Soundtrack | Release Date: 1992 (2000) | Total Time: 59:27 | FLAC | 284,5 Mb

01. Jeeves and Wooster
02. Jeeves and Wooster Say What Ho
03. The Blue Room - The Delightful Dong Foxtrot
04. Meanwhile In Berkley Square
05. Barmy's Choice
06. Nagasaki - The Foxtrot Riot!
07. The Amateur Dictator (Suite For Spode)
08. Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now - The Popular One Step
09. Midnight In Mayfair
10. The Moocher Is Alive And Well And Living In Berkley Square
11. Minnie The Moocher
12. A Weekend In The Country
13. Changes - A Vocal Harmony Jaunt
14. Fire!
15. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You - The Syncopated Gem!
16. Jeeves And Wooster Say Tinkerty Tonk!
17. The Daily Grind
18. Puttin' On The Ritz (Irving Berlin's Most Famous Cropper)
19. Goodnight Vienna (Imagine Adressing An Entire City)
20. Sunny Disposish (A Song With A Spot Of Philosophy)
21. Singing With Gussie (The Derniere Crie With Intellectual Content)
22. 47 Gingerheaded Sailors (All The Rage At The Drones)
23. Ask Dad (Bertie Plays The Main Title From Freddie Flowerdew's New Musical)
24. You Do Something To Cock-A-Leekie (Impromptu "You Do Something To Me" About Tuppy
25. Sonny Boy (Complete With Crowd Rumbling And Unenthusiastic Responses)
26. Lady Of Spain (Bertie Wooster Accompanied By The Dover Street Jazzomaniacs Bango Troupe)
27. Oh By Jingo! (Practicing)
28. Oh By Jingo! (As Sung By The Whole Lot At Totleigh Towers)