Third Day - Wherever you are (2006) + Bonus CD

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Third Day - Wherever you are (2006) + Bonus CD

Third Day - Wherever you are (2006) + Bonus CD
Christian Rock | MP3 320 kbps VBR | 51 MB | 12 Tracks | 54min 01sec | Bonus CD: 19MB | 3 Tracks | 12:02

It's no secret that life's darkest moments often place us face-to-face with whatever, or wherever, we've placed our faith. That is the emotional climate listeners will find themselves in with Third Day's Wherever You Are, the band's eighth major release and a transparent and stark portrayal of where one finds the reason to carry on. Dealing with a number of recent personal tragedies, the band has forged its finest work to date with a collection of material that ranges from raging rockers to contemplative worship songs. The release opens with the take-no-prisoners urgency of "Tunnel" and finds singer Mac Powell offering hope in the face of difficulty and backed by the driving guitar work of Brad Avery and Mark Lee. The first single, "Cry Out to Jesus," simmers in a lyrical candor that can't help but be an emotional powerhouse as the song is carried by the band's rocking spirit. "I Can Feel It" is another wall-of-sound, guitar storm guaranteed to move you. Worship roots remain strong (see Offerings and Offerings II) as well for Third Day and we can find them on the reflective "Communion." Never ones to back down from the delicate issues, Third Day tackles church hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes with the searing "How Do You Know." The passion and talent of Third Day shines brightly here, making it the band's finest moment and one of Christian rock's best releases in recent memory. (Source:

Wherever You are
1. Tunnel (4:18)
2. Eagles (3:38)
3. Cry Out To Jesus (7:14)
4. I Can Feel It (3:39)
5. Keep On Shinin' (3:05)
6. Communion (4:14)
7. Carry My Cross (5:16)
8. How Do You Know (4:08)
9. Mountain Of God (3:54)
10. Love Heals Your Heart (4:19)
11. The Sun Is Shining (4:12)
12. Rise Up (6:04)

Bonus CD
1. Falling To Pieces (3:36)
2. That's How The Story Goes (3:45)
3. Cry Out To Jesus (5:01)