Together! Mikis Theodorakis and Zulfu Livaneli Live

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Mikis Theodorakis & Zülfü Livaneli: The legendary icons of Greek and Turkish music singing Together!

It has been dedicated to Turkish and Greek friendship!

Together! was recorded live on the Berlin concert
and was released on the day whitch was planned for the cyprus concert: Friday June the 13th.

Early May 1997 the legendary Icons Mikis Theodorakis (Greece) and Zülfü Livaneli (Turkey) united again to start a series of concerts in Europe with a planned final concert on the green line of Nikosia / Cyprus. In the beginning of 1997 the releations between the two meditarranean countries had become worse.

The first concert in Berlin (House of World Cultures) was totally sold out. It turned to stay the one and only of the planned tour, as Mikis Theodorakis had to cancel all other concerts right after the final standing ovations in Berlin due to serious health problems. The next day he was hospitalized in Athens.

Both the concert and the live album Together! symbolize a very special teamwork of Greek and Turkish people - the whole project needed a lot of sensibility from the first idea until the finished product. While this CD was released there were still violent riots in Cyprus.
Zülfü Livaneli gave a series of protest-concerts in Turkey for 800.000 people. The 18 songs on Together! in Turkish & Greek language are the most important ones sung by their composers Mikis and Zülfü.

The CD unites musicians from Turkey, Greece & Germany. The bouzouki is played by Lakis Karnezis (of Alexis Sorbas theme fame) while Halil Karadouman plays the Kanoun.

This concert is unique in its sense of togetherness, spirit, poetry & music.
Enjoy and be together with us.

Musicians & singers on Together!
Mikis Theodorakis - Vocals
Zülfü Livaneli - Vocals
Larkis Karnezias - bouzouki
Griegoris Tsistoudis - bouzouki
Jannis Zotos - guitar
Henning Schmied - piano
Thanassis Zotos - perc., baglama
Wolfgang Musick - double bass
Halil Karaduman - kanoun
Nevzat Akpinar - saz
Ferhat Livaneli - guitar
Dietrich Petzold - violin
Göksun Cavdar - clarinet
Stefan Dohanetz - drums
Members of the Choir of Deutsche Oper Berlin
Produced by Asteris Koutoulas
Recording Director: Wolfgang Loos


1. Merhaba
2. Tragoudi Tis Xenitias
3. Yigidim Aslanim
4. Gün Olur
5. Drapetsona
6. Kardesin Duymaz
7. Strose to Stroma Sou
8. Duvarlar
9. Ketame Sta Matia
10. Karli Kayin Ormani
11. Gonia Gonia
12. Sevda Degil
13. Ton Pavlo Kai Ton Nikolio
14. Kan Cicekleri
15. Chryssoprassino Filo
16. Ey Özgürlük
17. Kerem
18. Imaste Dio

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