Tom Waits - 1998 Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years

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1. Hang On St. Christopher
2. Temptation
3. Clap Hands
4. The Black Rider
5. Underground
6. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
7. Earth Died Screaming
8. Innocent When You Dream (78)
9. Straight To The Top
10. Frank's Wild Years
11. Singapore
12. Shore Leave
13. Johnsburg, Illinois
14. Way Down In The Hole
15. Strange Weather (Live)
16. Cold, Cold Ground (Live)
17. November
18. Downtown Train
19. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
20. Jesus Gonna Be Here
21. Good Old World (Waltz)
22. I Don't Wanna Grow Up
23. Time

Tom Waits pulled off a neat trick with the 1983 release of Swordfishtrombones: he disengaged himself from the present (and his own recent achievements) and allied himself with the past. And yet no one could accuse him of becoming mired in nostalgia. A decade before the phrase lo-fi gained favor, Waits purposely ravaged his songs by stomping them into peculiar shapes and utilizing arcane instruments and recording techniques to further bend them into new kinds of aural sculptures. The result was a genuine musical breakthrough. Beautiful Maladies gathers 23 tracks from Waits's seven post-Swordfishtrombones Island LPs. These pretty/ugly tracks provide a riveting view of Tom's wild years. While at least four Waits Island titles qualify as essentials, Beautiful Maladies and the 1988 live set, Big Time, provide compact introductions to a matchless body of work. –Steven Stolder