Tom Waits - 1979 Cold Beer On A Hot Night [Live]

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Tom Waits - 1979 Cold Beer On A Hot Night [Live]

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Part 1
Part 2

1 Romeo Is Bleeding (6:38)
2 Annie's Back In Town (3:02)
3 Jitterburg Boy / Better Off Without A Wife (7:00)
4 I Wish I Was In New Orleans (5:42)
5 Since I Fell For You(2:33)
6 Red Shoes (4:21)
7 Silent Night (Traditional) / XMas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis (6:12)
8 Do the Hokey Cokey (Traditional ) (5:23)
9 Pasties & a G String (12:33)
10 Burma Shave (3:57)
11 Tom Trauberts Blues (7:35)
12 Small Change / Big Spender(10:09)

The origins of this recording have remained a mystery for years. But Colin Hubert from Australia did some research and posted it to the Raindogs Listserv. It seems this is not an ordinary audience tape. It is said to be recorded by a local radio station which was then called Double Jay (with Australian DJ Richard Kingsmill) at the State Theatre Sydney/ Australia, March 1979. It was broadcast in Australia late 1979.
Cold Beer On A Hot Night is probably the first bootleg to feature this 1979 Sydney recording. It was released by KTS (Kiss The Stone). KTS were a very reliable Italian record company that produced live cd sets of popular bootlegs. They disappeared a couple of years ago. The album cover shows a picture from the Big Time era, which is kind of misleading, because this picture must have been taken somewhere around 1987 and the album was recorded some 10 years earlier.
To make things a bit more complicated, the Cold Beer tracklisting is incorrect. Track nr. 8 should read: Do The Hokey Cokey/ Pasties And A G String. Track nr. 9 should read: Burma Shave. Track nr. 10 should read: Band Intro/ Romeo Is Bleeding. The recording is easily identified by listening to the intro for "Tom Traubert's Blues" going: "I kinda borrowed your unofficial national anthem on this whole thing. I'll give it back when I'm done. I met this girl named Matilda, you know. And I had a little too much to drink that night. So this is about throwing up in a foreign country."