Tom Waits - 1982 One From the Heart Movie Soundtrack

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Tom Waits - 1982 One From the Heart Movie Soundtrack

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1. Opening Montage - Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle
2. Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream? - Crystal Gayle
3. Picking Up After You - Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle
4. Old Boyfriends - Crystal Gayle
5. Broken Bicycles - Tom Waits
6. I Beg Your Pardon - Tom Waits
7. Little Boy Blue - Tom Waits
8. Instrumental Montage - Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle
9. You Can't Unring A Bell - Tom Waits
10. This One's From The Heart - Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle
11. Take Me Home - Crystal Gayle
12. Presents - Tom Waits, Crystal Gayle

Apocalypse Now is widely considered director Francis Ford Coppola's Waterloo, an ambitious personal vision that nearly wrecked his fabled career, health, and sanity. In fact, it was the director's equally Quixotic 1982 Vegas-themed musical One From the Heart that forever cast a pall over his Hollywood future, sounding a death knell for his once-promising American Zoetrope studios in the bargain. Hindsight being 20/20, it's now easy to see Heart's visual conceits as the glorious cinematic antecedent to Moulin Rouge, its smart, lounge-savvy score by musical odd couple Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle easily 15+ years ahead of the retro-hipster revival it preceded–and outclassed at every turn. It remains the most accessibly mainstream–and ironically idiosyncratic–music of Waits' storied career. Constructed as a dialog between lovers in a fitful emotional spiral, Waits raspy growl is the perfect counterpoint to Gayle's own gutsy, surprisingly bluesy diva turns. Backed by the spare, deftly lugubrious production of Bones Howe and key contributions by jazz vets Greg Cohen on bass, saxist Teddy Edwards, and the key, mournfully lyrical trumpet of Jack Sheldon, Waits' score has long since taken its rightful place as a modern classic, a perfectly realized romantic daydream that never forgets the wistful, broken hearts stacking up beneath the Vegas neon.